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Terms and Conditions:


1. Color matching:  Matching colors presents many variables as the color ingredients cool, harden and set for periods of time in various environments. While we do our best, colors may not be exactly guaranteed. Please provide a swatch of any color you would like to try to match.  Purple, Navy Blues and other similar colors can change ‘shades’ when exposed to differing weather, sunlight, heat, humidity, moisture, etc, therefore we recommend colors always be kept in as stable an environment as possible.


2. Payment agreement: All event orders require a minimum of 20% down payment of the full total due and are non-refundable. This reserves your event day.  Order balances are due no later than two weeks prior to the event or deposit will be forfeited and order cancelled.  Any changes made to the order within the last two weeks cannot be guaranteed


3.  Security Deposit Agreement: All rentals require a deposit equal to the replacement cost of the equipment being rented (i.e. cake stands).  This deposit is due at the same time the down payment is made in the form of cash or personal check.   The equipment must be returned on within 5 days of the event damage free or the deposit will be used to purchase replacement equipment. If the rental(s) are returned in the same condition received by the borrower, the cash or check will be returned.


4.  Outdoor Events and Weather: Dutch Girls is NOT responsible for any weather damage to products after the customer has taken possession.

HEAT: Buttercream can melt and therefore are not recommended for outdoor events in temperatures exceeding 80 degrees.

HUMIDITY: Fondant Cakes do not do well in humidity, they can melt and/or bubble.

WIND: Can push product over no matter how small or big. It may blow debris or bugs into your cake.

RAIN: Fondant can be spotted by rain. Rain can change or melt colors or product structure.


5. Tables:  Dutch Girls is not responsible for leveling or stabilizing tables or platforms that frosted products are placed upon.  Cakes are very heavy and require a sturdy table.


6.  Flowers, Toppers, and/or Cake Stands: These should be delivered to Dutch Girls a week before the event, and MUST be delivered no later than the day before the event.


7.  Allergies:  Dutch Girls provides products to accommodate customer requests relative to specific food allergies. However, we are a bakery that processes ALL varieties of nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, etc. and therefore does NOT take responsibility for any cross contamination that may occur. Please use your best judgment for your own safety and the safety of your guests, notifying them that the desserts were produced in a bakery of this nature.


8. Pick-ups:  Dutch Girls is NOT responsible for damage to product(s) after they leave our bakery due to handling, storage, falling, weather exposure or other events.  We advise: Do not hold cake in your lap while driving or place on unleveled seats.  Do not leave cakes unattended in a vehicle or for extended periods of time.  Always hold the cake box on the center of the bottom of the box.  Also, do not put a fondant and/or buttercream desserts in a WET or HUMID refrigerator.


9. Dutch Girls reserves the right to photograph any of our desserts and may use any photograph for promotion without compensation.


_____ (initial) I have read and agree to Dutch Girl's Terms and Conditions.



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